Red Ball Internet

We’re not your typical Internet company...

Since commencing operations in 2004, our Moncton, New Brunswick based organization has operated with one goal; to make information as accessible as the air around us.

Red Ball Internet works with corporate and government customers of all sizes to enhance individual situations through the addition of secure mobile data.

We can connect and mobilize anything.

Red Ball Internet is Canada’s exclusive provider of the renowned iBurst technology. Created by the inventor of the cell phone, this technology is the world’s most advanced secure mobile broadband system. Because of its unique qualities, iBurst allows our team to bring mobile connectivity to much more than just laptops and handhelds.

Whether it’s a Mobile Wi-Fi network (think: Internet café, only on the go), a live streaming video camera projecting images from a moving vehicle, or even a GPS based video advertising system, Red Ball Internet is doing things that no other company can.

Our team has been fortunate enough to have experienced dramatic growth through work with great investors, customers, suppliers and teammates.

At Red Ball Internet, we’re pleased to be associated with the City of Moncton, Moncton 4Ice Sports Incorporated and the entire management team at the Red Ball Internet Centre.

We hope you all enjoy this facility and our wonderful hometown as much as we do.

Red Ball Internet